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Guam Private Investigation Services

Litigation Support

If you have a matter pending in court, whether it’s a criminal, civil, or family matter, your first line of defense is your attorney. Your attorney’s best resource is a competent, trained, and experienced investigator who will take the time to closely examine the details and bring out new evidence and testimony to support your defense. Police are overwhelmed, underpaid, and many times undertrained. Things get missed, plain and simple. Having someone on your side with the training and experience to identify these details and bring out the real facts of the case can make all the difference in your situation.

Howard Investigation Service offers litigation support for family, criminal law and civil law matters. We’ll work directly with your attorney to ensure all the questions are answered before trial. If you have a matter currently pending in the courts, please have your attorney contact us directly so that we can develop a cooperative strategy that best benefits you in this difficult time.


Fraud Investigations

Fraud cost us all billions every year, and we all pay the price in the form of increased insurance premiums and higher interest rates. Howard Investigation Service works directly for insurance companies to uncover fraudulent claims arising from motor vehicle accidents, workman’s compensation claims, and false reports of injury and theft.

  • Traffic Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
  • Workman's Compensation Fraud Investigation
  • Fraudulent accident claims

Asset Searches

Identifying assets through the search of public records is a vital part of any lawsuit where damages are being sought. Identifying the assets of the liable party can make an enormous difference in settlements awarded by the court. We’ll work collaboratively with State-side or international agencies to identify assets held on the Island of Guam and in the Northern Marianas Islands. We can also assist with asset searches in Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.


Missing Persons

Some people don’t want to be found, and the thousands of islands in the far Western Pacific are a good place to get lost. Public records are often incomplete, out of date, or non-existent. We have an extensive network of local contacts to help you find that person you’re missing. We also work closely with agencies in the countries of Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.


Loss Mitigation and Liability Issues

Loss prevention is a critical component of any business plan. Being able to Identify the cause of missing inventory, damage to property, and other loss due to the negligence of employees or other third parties is a tool every business owner should have.

Traffic Accidents involving company employees and vehicles can close a business down. Howard Investigation Service offers Guam business owners inexpensive, reliable, and professional service to identify and correct potential issues to lower your company’s risk.

  • Surveillance of employees & place of business
  • “Secret shopper”
  • Police Traffic RADAR speed checks of company owned vehicles.

Marital / Partner Issues

Services are available for those seeking to prove (or disprove) infidelity of a partner or spouse. Assignments are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please call us to discuss the details of your particular situation and we can advise you on a strategy that best suits your needs.


Process Service

We are available and approved by the Superior Court of Guam for process service (delivery of court documents, notice to appear, etc).

Other documents may be delivered to persons or companies on Guam upon request. Email us with your needs and we will get back to you promptly.

A flat fee of $55 applies to all deliveries, but discounts may apply for multiple documents delivered to the same location. Any additional cost, such as postal or shipping fees are the responsibility of the client.

Requests for same day service are welcomed, but additional fees apply.

Contact us for details.